Probation Violations

Remember Ethan Couch? He was driving drunk when he was 16 years old and killed four people. However, instead of going to jail, he was placed on probation after his attorneys successfully argued that he suffered from affluenza. Essentially, his lawyers claimed that he was unable to understand the consequences of his actions because of his financial status and/or privilege.
He later fled to Mexico and violated his probation, and his case was subsequently transferred to adult court.  Although Couch’s case happened in Texas, probation violation cases have a lot of similarities regardless of the state where the violation occurs.  For example, once a defendant is placed on probation, all of the terms and conditions of that probation must be followed in order to avoid having the probation revoked and the sentence or judgment activated.  Sometimes, even if a violation is found, additional terms and conditions may be added or the probation period may be extended to allow additional time to complete the terms and conditions that were previously ordered.
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