“Am I Eligible to Get a Limited Driving Privilege?”

Being able to drive is extremely important. so I understand the problems that may arise when someone does not have a valid North Carolina drivers license.  In North Carolina, your drivers license may be suspended for several reasons.  Some of those reasons include a conviction for Driving While Impaired (DWI), Driving While License Revoked (DWLR), various speeding convictions, or upon a conviction of a moving violation that occurred during a period that your license is suspended.  In addition, your license may be suspended if you miss your court date or if you do not pay your fine, fees, and court costs for a ticket that you have already handled.

In instances involving convictions for DWI, DWLR, certain speeding convictions, or convictions for moving violations while your license was already suspended, you may qualify for a limited driving privilege which will allow you to drive to go to work and for the maintenance of your household (grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, etc.)  However, what about suspensions that are caused by failures to appear or failures to pay money that is owed to the court?  Are you eligible for a limited driving privilege in those situations?

Under N.C.G.S. 20-20.1 (b)(8), a person is only eligible to apply for a limited driving privilege if “the person has no pending charges for any motor vehicle offense in this or in any other state and has no unpaid motor vehicle fines or penalties in this or in any other state.”   As a result, you are not eligible to apply for a limited driving privilege if you have outstanding tickets or outstanding fines.

Therefore, the best thing that you can do if you want to get your license is to call an experienced North Carolina attorney who regularly handles traffic tickets and speeding tickets in Forsyth County and many of the surrounding counties.  Give me a call today for a free consultation in my office, which is located in downtown Winston-Salem.  I’ll advise you of what steps you need in order to get your license.


NBA Player Found Not Guilty of All Charges in NYC Arrest Case

On April 8, 2015, NBA player Thabo Sefolosha was arrested outside a New York night club and charged with resisting arrest, obstructing government administration, and disorderly conduct. In the process of placing him under arrest, multiple officers grabbed him, which resulted in his leg being fractured. Prior to trial, prosecutors offered Sefolosha a plea bargain to have his case dismissed if he performed one day of community service. Sefolosha rejected that plea offer, and his trial began earlier this week. Yesterday, after deliberating for about an hour, a Manhattan jury found him not guilty of all charges.

If you are charged with a crime, the best thing that you can do is consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Sometimes, people who have been charged with a crime don’t hire attorneys because they are so confident in their innocence that they believe “the truth will come out.” Therefore, they don’t necessarily see the need for an attorney. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you are charged with a crime North Carolina, in addition to arming yourself with optimism, call our office at (336) 725-6559 for a free consultation with an experienced North Carolina criminal defense attorney to discuss all of your rights and options with respect to your case.

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North Charleston Reaches Settlement in the Death of Walter Scott

In April 2015, Walter Scott was stopped for a minor traffic violation.  Minutes later, Scott was killed by a North Charleston police officer as he fled the scene and was later shot in the back.  Video footage that was later released showed that Scott was unarmed, and that footage contradicted the officer’s account that Scott had tried to grab the officer’s taser.  Yesterday, the city of North Carolina reached a settlement with Walter Scott’s family in the amount of $6.5 million.

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Changes to Limited Privileges for (Driving While Impaired ) DWI cases in North Carolina

A conviction for Driving While Impaired (DWI)  in North Carolina results in a number of consequences.  One consequence is that your license will be suspended for at least a one-year period.  In some circumstances, depending on a number of factors, you may be eligible for a limited privilege which allows you to drive for work, school, and a few other limited purposes.  Driving to church or some other house of worship was not permissible with respect to that limited driving privilege.  Effective October 1, 2015,however,  a limited driving privilege now includes the ability to drive to church or some other place of religious worship.

If you are charged with Driving While Impaired, and you need an experienced DWI attorney in Forsyth County or one of our surrounding counties, please call The Law Offices of Frederick B. Adams, P.C.  today for a free consultation.  In addition to DWI cases in North Carolina, we also assist clients with traffic/speeding tickets, criminal offenses, or personal injury/wrongful death cases.