NFL Player Sued by Police Officers

On February 7, 2016, Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy was arrested for his alleged involvement in fight at a bar in Philadelphia along with three of his friends.  However, neither McCoy nor any of his friends were charged with assault because the prosecutors were ultimately unable to determine who initiated the fight. Two off-duty police officers were injured during the fight, and they are now suing McCoy for his alleged involvement as well as the bar.  While McCoy is being sued for allegedly causing “serious and permanent injuries”, the bar is being sued for not providing adequate security as well as continuing to serve McCoy and his friends alcohol after they were already intoxicated.

Although this incident involved an alleged fight at a bar in Pennsylvania, many states have “dram shop” laws which impose liability on the owners of bars and people who serve alcoholic drinks.  This liability arises when someone is injured as a result of an accident caused by an intoxicated person, and the bar owner, bartender, or server continue providing alcohol to the intoxicated person.   The most common example occurs when someone becomes intoxicated at a bar and then causes a car accident, which leads to personal injury or wrongful death.

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