Personal Injury/Wrongful Death


The only thing worse than being injured in a car accident is being injured a second time by the insurance company that refuses to fairly compensate you for your damages that you clearly didn’t cause.  In the unfortunate event that you become injured due to someone else’s negligence in a car accident, you need an aggressive North Carolina personal injury attorney with the compassion, experience, and ability to assist you.  Being injured in an auto accident will often lead to many unfortunate results, and our goal is to make sure that you recover everything to which you are entitled.

Obviously, if you are injured in a car accident due to the negligence of someone else, you will have to get treatment for your injuries.  That treatment costs money, and your length of treatment will depend on the extent of your injuries.  Sometimes, your injuries may force you to miss time from work, which means that you will have lost wages for a car accident that wasn’t even your fault.  The point is that there are many unfortunate consequences that happen due to a car accident, and we are here to help you with all of them.


Insurance companies have experienced claims adjusters and attorneys who work on their behalf to get the result that works best for them.  You need an experienced personal injury who works for you and to protect your rights.  Sometimes, even in a situation where the other driver is clearly at fault, the insurance company may try to blame you for the accident.  In other situations where the insurance company accepts liability, they may still try to avoid paying all of your medical bills or your lost wages.  Therefore, if you are injured in a North Carolina car accident, you need an experienced, aggressive North Carolina personal injury attorney.  We will talk to the insurance company for you so that you can focus on what should really be your main priority – getting better.  In addition to talking to the insurance company, we will collect all of your medical bills and records as well as the other necessary documents and properly research, review, and investigate your claim to make sure that all of your damages are being considered.  If your health insurance paid any portion of your bills, they may want subrogation or reimbursement for the bills they paid, and we will help you determine whether they are entitled to reimbursement.  You may also have additional insurance coverage to which you may be entitled, and we will make sure that you receive it.  Finally, the person who caused your accident may not have insurance coverage or may not have adequate insurance coverage to pay for all of the damages that you sustained as a result of your car accident.  In that instance, we will examine and review all of the coverage that is available for your case.


It makes sense for the insurance company to try and speak with you before you speak to an attorney.  After all, their claims adjusters’ primary responsibility is to settle your personal injury claim for the lowest possible amount.  Therefore, an adjuster will often call you and offer to settle your personal injury claim within days of the accident.  However, it is never advisable to settle a personal injury claim without knowing the full extent of your injuries and damages.  The way that we are able to determine the true value of your personal injury claim and the full extent of your injuries is to collect all of the necessary information that is relevant to your claim and then to thoroughly review that information before we present it to the insurance company.


Although some of the legal representation that we provide involves a payment of a retainer fee, we will handle your North Carolina car accident claim on a contingency fee basis.  That means that we don’t get paid until you get paid.  We will pay for the costs and expenses to represent you, and then once we are able to resolve your case, we will collect a percentage of claim amount.


A major part of any North Carolina car accident is the signing of various documents.  You have to sign a release for your attorney to collect your medical bills and records.  You will also have to sign a release to resolve your property damage claim as well as release once your personal injury claim has been resolved.

In many situations, the personal injury claims adjuster will send you a medical release for you to sign.  If you sign it, this document will allow the insurance company to have access to your bills and records.  In addition, they will often send you a release form to settle your property damage.  Be careful.  If that release is not properly worded to protect your rights and interests, you could sign away the rights to pursue your North Carolina car accident claim.  Therefore, before you sign anything, make sure that your experienced North Carolina car accident attorney has reviewed your documents.


Many of the issues that have been discussed are a few of the issues that are relevant to your case.  Therefore, if you have been injured in an auto accident in North Carolina, please call us at (336) 725-6559 before you talk to an insurance company about your North Carolina personal injury claim. Your free personal injury consultation will be with an experienced North Carolina personal injury attorney in Winston-Salem who can give you all of the information you need about your case.  Our office is located conveniently in downtown Winston-Salem, and in addition to car accidents, we handle:

  • Truck/tractor-trailer accidents
  • Bike accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents